Boolean search is a skill that top recruiters need to utilize in order to get meaningful candidate search results from Placemint's database of developers. Using Boolean Search allows you to customize your search, one of the key elements to being successful recruiter. Fully constructed Boolean search strings can seem complex, but don’t worry, because Placemint simplifies the process. Our platform allows you to source for specific skill sets and key terms in a matter of seconds.

What is Boolean Search?

Boolean Search is a way to organize and optimize your search using a combination of key terms. Using Boolean operators (AND and OR), allows you to produce accurate and relevant results for your candidate searches on Placemint.

When using a Boolean Search on Placemint, there are elements of syntax to understand. These are:



By applying these appropriately, along with the key terms you are sourcing, you can create a range of search operations. There is no limit to how often you can use these elements in a search, allowing you to create very specific searches.


AND is the simplest function to apply. Any search terms that follow an AND command must appear in the result. For example:


This search will give results that include developers that have both CSS and HTML in their profiles. All search results will include both terms, and any profiles that have either CSS or HTML (but not both) will not appear.


OR allows the recruiter to use a variety of similar terms in his/her search. Usage of the OR command allows you to create a list of possibilities for which only one match is important. For example, the following search phrase would give you results that contain one or more of the stated words:

J2EE OR Java Enterprise Edition OR JEE OR JEE5

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