Candidate Filtering

Placemint allows the user to filter each profile on both the developer's experience level (Junior, Mid Level or Senior) and whether the profile contains a phone number or email. These features enable a user to customize their search, finding the adequate experience level and the ability to contact the developer via email, phone or both.

The Experience Level feature gathers information from our developers' LinkedIn and GitHub profiles.


indicates that this developer has minimal experience, typically 0-3 years in a development position. This may also indicate that the developer's activity on GitHub is low.

Mid Level

indicates that this developer has around 5+ years experience in a development role. This developer typically has moderate activity on their GitHub.


indicates that this developer has had many years experience in a development role, typically around 10 or more. This developer will have a high level of activity on their GitHub.

The email and phone filter allows our users to source for profiles that contain an email, phone number or both.

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